A downloadable game

Super Subspace Ultra is a roguelike 2d vertical SHMUP with unlockable bosses and randomized loot drops.

It's a game that's entirely about "feel" - full of kickback, inertial drifting, tight controls, screenshake, bright animations, big lasers, etc.

There's also an RPG element. Collect cores to give your ship an entirely new look and set of abilities, and spare parts to upgrade individual stats. Fun.

  • Each level is two sided. The player has the ability to shift to subspace on command.
  • A warp jump ability allows the player to shift through solid objects and get out of hairy situations.
  • There are 16 cores to collect, each giving your ship a different look and abilities.
  • Spare parts can be collected from enemy ships that will allow you to augment your ship's abilities in four categories - Lasers, Engines, Shields, and Special.
  • Enemy destruction can be chained together to obtain the ULTRA powerup.
  • Each main level introduces a new mechanic in the level design.
  • There'll be secret ships to collect - but we can't talk about them. They're secrets.

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